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We're wildly convinced that Australia’s natural assets are uncommonly beautiful. We believe something happens when you take a trip outside the concrete corridors of urban life that changes you. This is where it all starts.

Legendary wildlife guides and veterans of wildlife film-making contribute to Wildiaries. These ‘insiders on the outside’ know better than anyone the secrets of a vast world.

Wildiaries is about connecting you with nature. We email you our 'e-Magazine' every month, produce short films and unique wildlife travel opportunities. By sharing our passion for the natural world, we hope you too can enjoy the same life-changing experiences.

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The Wildiaries Natural History Film Unit

Our film makers, writers and musicians bring you real stories of inspirational people, extraordinary creatures and wild places.

The National Landscapes Nature Series produced in association with Tourism Australia, seeks is 44 two and a half minute films highlighting the deep connections to the landscape and heartfelt stories about the importance of Australia’s wild places. The films are accompanied by original music from Australian songwriters and at centre stage are some of Australia's peculiar, exotic, charismatic and charming animals.

The resulting treasury of experiences celebrates the opportunities we all have to visit Australia, meet these people, see these animals and through their eyes, experience the value of our natural and cultural heritage.

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Our eMagazine is emailed to you every month. It contains the latest stories and articles about people, nature and places, features films we've made and highlights nature travel opportunities to see and experience these things for yourself.