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Wildiaries is an online eMagazine for connecting with nature. We are also specialists in nature-based holidays and travel. Wildiaries subscribers will:

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Meet Your Guides

We try to run trips to spectacular places - destinations we love, where encounters with nature come naturally. What tips the balance towards a life-changing experience, is being led by someone who has devoted their lives to learning about wildlife and are there to share their knowledge and passion with you.

Spotlight on Tasmania

Tasmania is a true island of the subantarctic but it's unusual in having a rich native mammal fauna, which neither New Zealand or any of the other southern ocean land masses can boast. Tasmanian Devils, Spotted-tailed Quolls, Eastern Quolls, Platypus, Bennett's Wallabies and Tasmanian Pademelons are amongst the most commonly observed. Read more ...

Specialty Trips

These hand-picked trips are guided by experts whose job is to give you an unforgettable and unique encounter with wildlife. These trips are a chance to distract yourself from work, learn a new skill or insight into Australia's environment.

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