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About Simon Mustoe

"I have a lifelong love of wildlife but what thrills me most, is watching how animals make ecosystems work. I am passionate about telling that story as I firmly believe, it’s the key to reconnecting people with nature. It’s not enough to simply know animals exist, we have to recover our natural instincts and sense their significance in some of the most important processes for human survival and well being."

Simon Mustoe is an ecologist, artist,  expeditioner and author of 'Wildlife in the Balance'.


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Praise for 'Wildlife in the Balance'

Important beyond compare, utterly engrossing, at once chilling and heartening.

- Dame Joanna Lumley

"A symphony of science and stories that inspires and educates on every page.” 

–Vicki Renner, Artshub 4.5★

“Could easily be considered as the most important book to have been created in the world of environment and ecological science.”
–Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

“This is a ‘must read book’, and a book that needs to be shared.” 
–Karen Smith, GoodReads 5★

“Do well to enjoy, as I did, Wildlife in the Balance.” 
–Andre Kabel, Read, Listen, Watch 4★

“A uniquely engaging paperback and compelling read.”
–Cheryl Akle and the Weekend Australian, Notable Books

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