Karri Forest

No. 35, July 2016

Buried treasure and the case of Frank Skinner Thompson

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This month, we're taking you on bit of a journey into the past, with Gary Muir from Walpole and exploring the connection that WA's Great South West Edge has with some truly exceptional historic characters and events.

There's something quite special about this region - extraordinary enough that much of its wilderness survived intact, where elsewhere in Australia, it was cleared to the ground. Several characters, including Gary's descendants, played a significant role in preserving what remains today.

Gary continues to pursue his family legacy with unbounded entrepreneurial energy. He's among the few Australians who can claim to have saved swathes of bushland for future generations, with his special boot-cleaning stations that you'll see on walking tracks all over the continent (watch the video).

Some of the plants and animals this protects, are featured in this quarter's Wildlife of Australia Magazine, which you can get for free by taking a moment or two to update us about your travel interests.

We're taking expressions of interest for a small group tour in late October (dates to be confirmed) to meet Gary and see the place for yourself ... so let us know if you'd like to attend.

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The South West "WOW" Wilderness

Gary Muir: Life in Paradise Round About

Gary Muir: Life in Paradise Round About

Gary is a seventh generation Australian. His family were farmers and first moved to Western Australia from Scotland in 1856, to help supply the south coast whaling fleets. Sleeping outside reminds Gary of his roots and the importance ...

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Tolstoy to Tinglewood

Tolstoy to Tinglewood

On arrival at the manager's house, on the kitchen table, was a massive case, laid open and filled with a treasure trove of books, letters, photos and maps. It had just that morning been uncovered, hidden in the false floor of the wooden boat shed. Inside was the unpublished - and unofficial - biography of Leo Tolstoy ...

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VIDEO: Managing the Walpole Wilderness

Gary Muir talks about the Walpole Wilderness, the botanical significance of the region, Karri trees and his work to preserve the area.

Managing the Walpole Wilderness
Red-Flowering Gum

The Red-flowering Gum: Walpole's Biggest Export'

Originating from only a couple of tiny areas in south-west WA, the Red-flowering Gum Corymbia ficifolia, is one of Australia's most widely-recognised trees. The species name means 'fig-like', after its thick ...

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Small Group Discovery Tour

Golden Triangle 5 day tour

Come and See the South West in Full Bloom! late Oct. Dates TBC

How would you like to spend a week in the south-west's Golden Triangle?
This discrete area of WA contains an outstanding richness of wild flowers, animals and history. You'll meet the famous Gary Muir, explore the Stirling Ranges in full bloom, search for Honey Possums, climb amongst the canopy of giant Karri trees and search for the elusive Quokka. You will be accompanied, with vehicle, by Craig Haslam owner operator of Xplore and Nullabor Traveller.
Our fully-guided trip is $3,250 ex Perth. This is INCLUSIVE of all meals, guiding, activities, transport and includes a return flight from Perth to Albany with Regional Express. The tour is designed to keep travel distances small, with no more than about 130km between each of the main destinations.

... Ask for details

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Join two of Australia's most well-loved and successful film-makers and photographers for a week at O'Reilly's, to learn all about how to create your own story in film and photographs. Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals.


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Raja Ampat, Whales, Dolphins, Snorkelling and Diving Expedition

February 2017

This is a lovely amateur video made in 2013 and features the trip we're leading in February. We thought you'd like to see it - watch for the point about 3 minutes in where the group end up swimming with Killer Whales!

Raja Ampat Tour, February 2017 - VIDEO 

Ten full days of whale and dolphin-watching, snorkelling and photography in placid blue-water mangroves and coral reef. We see rarely encountered whales and dolphins of species you may never have heard of (and some you have). You'll snorkel on some of the most precious and beautiful coral reef in the world, while cruising in luxury on a converted wooden sailing ship around a World Heritage listed region and one of the world's most extraordinary landscapes.



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