No. 36, August 2016

Antarctica! A Portrait of Penguins and Pastel Hues

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We almost can't believe this is our 36th edition since we began in 2012. We've also proudly, just exceeded 100,000 subscribers for the first time!

To celebrate, Swarovski Optik are giving you the chance to win a limited edition pair of binoculars worth $1,590 rrp and we're giving everyone a free copy of Outer Edge Magazine (password=Edition47Free), featuring Charles Werb's pioneering snow-sailing expedition.

As a result of the travel profiles you've been creating, we have been busy creating trips. Some of our guests are joining leaders to see Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, Lemurs in Madagascar, swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga and we have a heap more in the pipeline.

The more you tell us, the more we can help ... and since half of you have expressed a desire to see Antarctica, we've decided to devote this special edition to the frozen continent and some of our friends, who have made ti their life's ambition to help you discover the deep south.

You're going to meet Antarctic guide and illustrator of The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife, Brett Jarrett. You're going to discover what life was like for cinematographer and mariner Frederique Olivier, who wintered among Emperor Penguins in the southern polar region for 12 months, driving a robot penguin for research, and filming it for the BBC.

So make yourself a cup of cocoa, wrap up warm and this edition, where we hope you'll get more of the insiders view of Antarctica, from the home-grown Antarctic travellers who have lived to bring the frozen continent to you and take you to it.

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Meet the people who connect you with Antarctica
Robot Penguins and Red Wine Popsicles - cinematographer Frederique Olivier

Robot Penguins and Red Wine Popsicles - cinematographer Frederique Olivier

We caught up with Frederique 'Fred' Olivier in the transit lounge at Reyjavik airport, at 4am, enroute from Greenland to Western Australia's Shark Bay, where she was headed to film dolphins for a BBC wildlife series ...

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Read about Charles Werb's pioneering snow-sailing expedition to Antarctica ...

In February this year, Charles Werb, Outer Edge Magazine's founder, realised years of ambition and became the first person to snow-sail in Antarctica. In true Antarctic fashion, he wasn't entirely prepared for what the frozen continent threw at him. You can read about the journey in this free edition by entering the password "Edition47Free" ...

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Robot Penguin Chick


During the two winters Fred spent living on the ice, she had to help build, maintain and film using a robotic penguin chick - designed to get close to the birds, to film natural behaviour without disturbing them ...

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Travel to Antarctica The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife

Swarovski Cl Companion Polaris 10x30 Binoculars

Especially when looking at nature, you can spend a considerable amount of time viewing, so it's important to have optical equipment that will not only enhance the experience but perform well in all conditions. ...

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Robot Penguin Chick

A Portrait of Penguins and Pastel Hues

When you leave, you're always wondering if this is the last time you'll see Antarctica. Anyone who visits will feel it ... a sort of emptiness. You get very emotional when you leave ... to think you may never return, is a strange thing. There's something missing when you remember the days and the light, the late evening when the ice glows pink and blue ...

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Small Group Tours
Raja Ampat



Ten full days of whale and dolphin-watching, snorkeling and photography in placid blue-water mangroves and coral reef. You'll see rarely encountered whales and dolphins of species you may never have heard of (and some you have). You'll snorkel on some of the most precious and beautiful coral reef in the world, while cruising in luxury on a converted wooden sailing ship around a World Heritage listed region and one of the world's most extraordinary landscapes.

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Soul and Spirits of Madagascar Tour


Group Discovery Tour

Home to three-quarters of the world's chameleons, an entire clade of unique primates (lemurs) and some of the most extraordinary and unusual animals in the world, Madagascar is a country literally like no other. This tour takes in three distinct bioregions of Madagascar, each with a very different array of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation and people. Led by Wildiaries founder Simon Mustoe, you will visit places and target animals that are rarely seen. In particular, this is a chance to see and photograph the Aye-Aye Lemur.

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Archaeology Tours


From OCT 2016 to MAR 2018

Our archaeology tours are led by expert Chris Carter. They are all small group tours and often fill up quickly, on a strictly first come first served basis. To join one of these tours, we advise you seek an expression of interest first. You will find a list of upcoming tours at the link, below. Simply fill your details into the form and list the tours you'd like to hear about and we will contact you straight back.

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