Swarovski CL Companion Polaris 10x30

  • Fully waterproof (tested to 4m)
  • 10x magnification
  • Outstanding visual acuity and low-light performance
  • Weight just 515g
  • Nitrogen filled, meaning they will never fog up.
  • Ship with roll-top bag and polaris floatation strap.   

Published by Simon Mustoe

A good quality pair of optics greatly enhances the experience you will have when travelling. Especially when looking at nature, you can spend a considerable amount of time viewing, so it's important to have optical equipment that will not only enhance the experience but perform well in all conditions.  

Swarovski's CL Companion Polaris are compact binocular that features many of the trade-mark Swarovski stylings. T

This is a very high quality pair of binoculars that should literally last a lifetime and will be an exciting accessory for any traveller.  

Wildiaries • August 2016