Kingdom of Tonga

Lizzie, Shane and Tess prepare for an interview with Nick Hayward for Wildiaries, about their ground-breaking conservation work at their ecolodge on the Great Ocean Road. This film appeared as part of the National Landscapes Nature Series.

No. 39, December 2016

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Do you ever wonder what it takes to independently create wildlife documentaries? What if you had the opportunity to find out?

In an Australian exclusive, we are giving you the chance to become a member of a new Australian natural history unit!!

It could be a gift for you, or anyone you know, who wants to be part of an exciting new venture and learn what it takes to tell a story in film. In the video on our Patreon page, wildlife cameramen Nick Hayward talks about how your support will help Australians tell their story to audiences all over the continent.

Our focus on wildlife documentary-making is to become a feature of Wildiaries, as we strive to build a foundation to deliver you regular online programming. We know you love to watch short stories about the places you live and visit. The disappearance of mainstream content and sensationalisation of natural-history documentaries means there are few ways left to enjoy real stories by real people.

"In Australia finding funding for local wildlife productions is as hard as passing through the eye of a needle." Nick Hayward, wildlife cameraman.

What do you get?

  • Exclusive behind the scenes and personal message access to us;
  • A preview or download of everything we make with you;
  • A rare viewing experience, as you get to learn about and support hobbyists, businesses and organisations, striving to make a difference and enrich lives; and
  • The chance to support real home-grown Australian content.

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... and get a special Christmas gift, of our three most favourite short films from our national landscapes series, to download and own!!

In this edition, we present articles and films by three film-makers. Nick Hayward talks about his recent shoot on Tasmanian Devils, that was just released as a film on National Geographic Live. Asher Flatt talks about his strive to tell the story of the incredible Lord Howe Island Stick Insect and Joel Robinson writes about Gardens of Stone, a film made on behalf of the Blue Mountains communities, lobbying to have a particularly spectacular landscape protected.

If it wasn't for the efforts of passionate local film-makers, working on limited budgets, many of these stories would never be told.

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Congratulations to our previous competition winners.Ms F Gale from Parramatta NSW won the $2,200 weekend break to Tasmania and Ms A Cameron from Narraweena in NSW won the $10,000 South African wildlife and wineries experience.

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Patreon was founded by artist Jack Conte. The site gives artists, including musicians and film-makers, a way to connect with their patrons. We chose it because it was developed by artists, for artists. The model we have chosen is one where the payments are monthly. This allows us to manage our cash flow and plan our work in advance. As a patron, this gives you the best outcome possible, as it enables you to be involved not only in the final film but also as a participant in the creation process.

Film-creators making a difference
Gardens of Stone

Gardens of Stone

Joel Robinson writes about his work to help communities promote an unprotected area of the Blue Mountains. "Since its premier, the Colong Foundation and Gardens of Stone Alliance have used the film to promote this extraordinary place and as a catalyst to encourage discussion on alternatives for future management."

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Tasmanian Devils Filming

Through the Eye of a Needle

Nick Hayward talks about his ground-breaking work filming devils for a National Geographic production. "Here, Devils still scavenge along the pristine beaches, caring mothers raising their young. As we strive to create awareness, the Devils are passing through the eye of a needle, threatened by this abhorrent disease. Films like this are priceless records and an archive for the ages".

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Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

Stuck on a Rock

Asher Flatt is working on a film about the incredible rediscovery of a thought-to-be-extinct animal on Balls Pyramid off Lord Howe. "I’ve met and interviewed some amazing people, including Dick Smith and various scientists and personalities working on the recovery of this amazing species."

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Fine Art Prints for Sale

Many of the photographs you see appearing in Wildiaries are taken on assignment and feature the places and animals we visit. Many have been featured in our recent magazines. All are professionally printed by a dedicated fine art printer and on high quality Canson Rag Photographique, a museum-grade matt paper. They are signed Artist Proof Editions ranging in size up to 24x30in including a white border.

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Raja Ampat


Ten full days of whale and dolphin-watching, snorkeling and photography in placid blue-water mangroves and coral reef. You'll see rarely encountered whales and dolphins of species you may never have heard of (and some you have). You'll snorkel on some of the most precious and beautiful coral reef in the world, while cruising in luxury on a converted wooden sailing ship around a World Heritage listed region and one of the world's most extraordinary landscapes.

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