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An Orangutan in the forests of Borneo
Edition 40, January 2017


If you're an Orangutan, eye-contact is strictly among friends. The individual above was photographed in the split second its gaze passed from right to left. It's perhaps why we, as primates ourselves, find eye-contact with wild animals so emotionally powerful.

In this edition we explore southern Borneo. There's music from young singer-songwriter 'Girl on the Hill', a piece about rainforest ecology and why its protection is so important, plus a chance to join another trip this April. I

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Meet Ivend, Borneo Orangutan Guide

"This trip is up there with epic Amazon cruises and journeys to see Gorillas in central Africa. And it's right on our own doorstep"
Simon Mustoe, Wildiaries

The rainforest reflected in water

The Way That Rainforests Work

The richest environments on Earth aren’t fuelled by an over-abundance of nutrients but the opposite. Everything available is subsumed into the multitude of activities that connect with a gazillion points at every scale imagineable. That’s what is so marvellous about rainforests. You’re staring at something incomprehensible.

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Sadie, Girl on the Hill

Camp Leakey visitors centre

A Borneo Adventure by Sadie (aged 13)

"As it sat grasping with its big hands and feet, it stretched out its legs and arms as if hovering between two trees. I was stunned at how beautiful it was". ".

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Make the leap and come to Borneo


Key wildlife: Orangutan (guaranteed), Proboscis Monkeys (guaranteed), Silver-leaf Monkey (possible), Bearded Pig (likely), Hornbills (there are several species, Asian Pied being the commonest), Saltwater Crocodile (possible), Freshwater Crocodile (possible), Agile Gibbon (possible), Maroon Leaf Monkey (possible).

Orangutans Borneo Tanjung Puting group

"Your guides brightened our days with endless good humour and kind hearts. You are all truly excellent and worked so very hard to ensure we were all comfortable; always answering our endless questions and looking after us all so well. Thank you very much"
Joe, Wollongong

Extend your Bali trip: If you happen to be organising a Bali trip already, this trip can be arranged as an extension. You can be in Borneo within hours!

Starting in Bali, a short flight from Australia, this trip is up there with epic Amazon cruises and journeys to see Gorillas in central Africa (you visit one of the world's first and most famous primate research centres). The fact it's right on Australia's doorstep, makes it all the more incredible. You'll be looked after all the way (including transfers and internal flight check in), accommodated in comfortable surroundings with great food and guided personally for the whole time. For the most part, you'll look forward to a cool, breezy river boat cruise deep into the jungle where you'll see wild Orangutans. It's a very laid back trip that would suit anyone.

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