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Coral Reef Snorkelling on Raja Ampat
Edition 42, March 2017


Free Magazine DownloadThis month we're launching our new magazine format. 

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In this edition, we are showing you Raja Ampat. You can watch our latest film, which we made along with our guests, on a tour just this month. I'm sure you'll agree, it's an absolutely stunning location and we are most privileged to see it with some extraordinary people. 

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Best wishes and safe travels,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Discover beautiful Raja Ampat

RAJA AMPAT, The Last Paradise

Because of its rich seas and unique wildlife, it’s been called the ‘Galapagos’ of Asia. Alfred Russel Wallace’s visited here as he amassed his own parallel theories of evolution that fed into Darwin’s. It deserves the reputation. It is one of the most amazing places on Earth ...

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"The presence of naturalists on board with presentations of what we were seeing and thus helping us learn more about the water world we were experiencing made this trip unique. While the kind of wildlife trip is not uncommon for land based learning, the sea based that we had with Wildiaries beats anything else of which I have knowledge. It was truly a unique experience and one worth repeating."

Susan, US

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Belle Miners performance

Playing in the natural acoustics of Parks Tasmania’s Hastings Caves was a dream inspired by a moment in 2015, when The Belle Miners visited as tourists. Once it became a reality, it suddenly dawned on the band, that it might actually be quite difficult!

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Alaskan Dream CabinAlaskan Dream is a new product, owned by natives of the Tlingit Kaagwaantaan clan who, launched the business six years ago with the vision to show people True Alaska — the Alaska their family has come to know and love through many generations of calling this place home.

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