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The (New) Australian Bird Guide
Edition 43, April 2017

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The Australian Bird GuideThis edition is devoted to the new Australian Bird Guide from CSIRO. 

We have a video with the authors and artists, who spent 8 years creating this ground-breaking book. It contains 4,700 illustrations and is by far the most comprehensive field guide ever produced for Australia. 

We're shipping the first copies this week.

You can watch the 3 minute video and buy the field guide here. We've also reviewed the guide and we're looking at the opportunity of running some introduction to birding days in Australia's capital cities in late September/early October.

Register your interest here!

I trust you had a nice break over ANZAC. Our current edition of the Wildiaries magazine is still available to download (see below) and we'll up updating it soon. Meanwhile, enjoy finding out about Australia's birdlife.   

Best wishes and safe travels,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


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VIDEO interview with artists and authors

Meet Artists and Authors of the new guide

Jeff spent 8 years, 7 days a week, illustrating many of the 4,700 images that appear in this book. Peter coordinated the six authors and illustrators including Danny Rogers, who lost his an entire careers-worth of field notes in the Black Saturday Bushfires. The book represents the authors and artist's lifetime ambition and work ...

... watch online

"This has to be one of the most exciting field guides to hit to shelves in the last 20 years. It sets a whole new standard for Australian bird books and will go down in history as one of the world’s best"

Simon Mustoe, founding director, Wildiaries

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REVIEW: The Australian Bird guide

Review of the new Australian Bird Guide

What better way to test CSIRO’s new Australian Bird Guide than a trip to some of Australia’s top birding sites. Then thrust the book into the hands of a young birder and see how they fair ... 

... read more

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