Earlybirds and Other Special Offers

Special offers are released all the time, often for fixed periods or availability.  

Let us help you by completing your travel profile with us and we will email you so you are among the first to hear about special offers. If you have a specific request, all you need to do is email us on travel@wildiaries.com


Antarctica - 2018/2019 earlybird deals are pretty much over. There are a few late season offers for remaining cabins over the next few months. Now is the time to be enquiring about 2017/2018 last minutes and to be thinking about researching your 2019/2020 trips.

Galapagos - flights to Galapagos are currently in excess of $4,000 return for trips this year. The best value flights now, will be for travel in 11 months. Most visitors go to Galapagos in June-Nov, so for next year, it is approaching the time to be booking. Most vessels fully book each year, so earlybird discounts are the way to go. 

Alaska - 2018 deals are now very close to expiry. The Alaska season is mostly mid-year, so we're approaching the final stages where discounts will be a viable option and flights are currently at their best price. Last minute deals for 2018 will emerge next new year.   

Asia - There are limited Vietnam and Mekong cruise deals available most of the year. Enquiries are also possible for the 2018 season, though availability is already becoming limited on these.  

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