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We live in a fast-pace, consumer- oriented society and it's sometimes hard to find opportunities to eat, listen, wear, read, drink and be entertained that aren’t owned by huge companies.

This is what's great about being able to send you these emails and magazines. We're supported by local and specialist partners, who every day, are trying to be more efficient, provide a better service and protect the places they love - which are the places we care about. 

In this edition, we're finding out where our Blue Whales spend winter, hearing the new single from National Folk Alliance Youth award winners The Bean Project's new album 'Naked Trees' and thanks to Wildlife Queensland Magazine, learning about work being done to help Manta Rays and to reintroduce rare seabirds to Norfolk Island. You'll meet a Sydney to Hobart yachtsman who has set up a unique outdoor clothing company in Australia and of course, discover the variety of amazing trips you can join to have your own experience.  

If you're thinking about getting out and spending some time in nature, drop us a line. We're always at the end of a phone to help you plan a trip and get away to discover some of the people, nature and places we love.

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


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We've started a list of the music that we're listening to. Some of it appears on our videos and others are groups our partners are working with. Much of it is Australian, so if you think there's 'no decent music out there any more', follow us and we'll show you some of our Australian-grown musicians who are bucking the trend with a growing international reputation.  

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PINK Manta Ray

I am positioned low beneath the coral bommie, slowly breathing out as the manta ray approaches. I time my line of bubbles so that they stop just before she glides past. As I inhale, we make eye contact and I begin my routine: two winks and a peace sign hand signal. It works; I have caught her attention, and she changes course ...


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Blue Whales of the Banda Sea and Forgotten Islands

Blue Whale and calf

The largest animal that ever lived on Earth would be an awful dinner guest. Blue Whales are designed to move quickly and efficiently. Once they’ve hoovered up a vast quantity of food, they would simply leave for another part of the planet ... 

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Earlybird Offers

There are still a range of Earlybird Offers available for small ship cruises to Antarctica and Alaska but spaces are limited and they expire soon. We also have offers on our expeditions for Blue Whales and Raja Ampat. Dates for whale swims in Tonga have also just been announced.   

Great Barrier Reef small ship cruiseRaja Ampat - The Last Paradise


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