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Edition 45, August 2017 

Did you ever think you'd see a wild Mountain Pygmy Possum? Well here's your chance. 

In this edition, we're going to meet a real miracle of our snow-field environment.

The tiny Mountain Pygmy Possum or Burramys is still active, even in the heart of winter. They forage beneath ski-fields, cashing in on caches of wintering Bogong Moths and the berries of mountain plants. 

Watch the film and story with researcher Linda Broome. Her and her team have devoted their lives to studying and protecting these fragile animals and each spring, they head to the high country for a season of trapping and monitoring. 

We felt this would be something remarkable to offer you. Linda has generously agreed for us to join her, with a small group of guests and tag-along on a research trip in November.

In conjunction with Wildlife Australia magazine, we are also offering you an amazing 50% off a subscription for the next 12 months, where you can read more about this and other extraordinary wildlife discoveries. 

I hope you can join us for this high-altitude adventure, to meet Linda and her researchers and have the extremely rare opportunity to see these fantastic creatures, as well as a range of other bizarre animals that are routinely encountered in the boulder-fields at Charlotte's Pass. 

Spots on this trip are limited to 6-8 people so reserve your spot now. A proportion of the funds will go towards the development of breeding facilities. You can also make private donations online, here.  

Thanks, as always, for reading. Our next magazine edition will be near the start of spring. 

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries


Join the Researchers on the Mountain 

BOOK a tour to see Mountain Pygmy Possum

Just 6-8 guests get to come on an exclusive trip to Mt Kosciuszko, to spend a weekend in the company of researchers looking after Mountain Pygmy Possums. 

In conjunction with Wildlife Australia and Wildiaries, this trip is led by Canberra-based Hummingbird Tours and accommodated at Charlotte's Pass. You'll be picked up in Canberra and driven to the mountain, where you'll participate in the monitoring of wild Mountain Pygmy Possums.   

JUST $1,490 per person. Fri Nov 24 - Sun Nov 26 2017. 


  • Pick-up / drop-off Canberra
  • Driver & expert guide from Hummingbird charters
  • Presentation and two mornings trap-checking with the research team
  • 2 nights at Pygmy Possum Lodge, Charlotte’s Pass (Eloera Ski Lodge)
  • National Park permits
  • 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch

... BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW        


from the Forthcoming Wildlife AUstralia

Seek and You Shall FindHere's an extract from an article which will appear in the forthcoming Wildlife Australia magazine ...

When I bent down to pick up a closed trap on a clear early morning in November 2010, I had no idea what was about to happen.

No, not heavy enough to be snake, I thought. Probably just another bush rat ...

... read more        




Annual subscription

Wildlife Australia, in conjunction with Wildiaries, brings you this special discount. Get 50% off a year's digital subscription to Australia's longest-running nature magazine. That's right, four riveting issues for just AUD$2.25 an issue.

Best of all, every subscription helps fund wildlife conservation. Do something for yourself and for our at-risk species. Snap this offer up today!

was $17.99  now just, just $8.99.

Read more about Mountain Pygmy Possums in the next edition on 2 September! 

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In the Hands of the Mountain


Mountain Pygmy Possum Film

Linda wishes she could spend her entire life on the summit of mountains. Ironically, for an Australian, she loves the cold. When she embarked on research about rodents in the North American Rockies years ago, everyone thought she was mad. Students used to work during a summer 'field season' and write up their findings during winter - Linda was amongst the first to want to study things under the snow.

We join her near the summit of Australia's highest mountain, Kosciusko. The Southern Alps Ski Club at Charlotte's pass was built in the 1950s, often requiring a few kilometre walk to get there, carrying ski-equipment but also formal dress for dinner. At that time, the summit was adorned by snow almost year round but it wasn't until ten years later that the rock-dwelling Pygmy Possum was discovered.

... watch Linda's film        

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