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Endangered Leopard DNA, Fair Scottish Isles and Wild India


Every quarter we produce a downloadable magazine, which includes feature articles and links to our films, stories as well as the latest exciting trips.  

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We're delighted, on this occasion, to feature our friend Dr Natalie Schmitt, an independent researcher who’s set to revolutionise the way we monitor endangered Snow Leopards in the Himalayas.

You can also watch our film with Linda Broome, Australian alpine researcher and expert on Mountain Pygmy Possum conservation.

Whether it be Orangutans in Borneo, our High Altitude Adventure weekend in November or Whale Swims in Tonga, many of our trips contribute to conservation work and this year on your behalf, we've raised money for the Sea Turtle Foundation, Dolphin Research Institute and Wildlife Queensland.    

It’s a great pleasure and privilege to know Australians who are working hard to protect the places we love and to give you rare opportunities to take part in these experiences yourself.

So we’ve also assembled a couple of stories here, written by people who have travelled with us recently, to India and Tonga. These holidays could be described as soft-adventure but the experience is five-star from a wildlife perspective and always in the company of like-minded guides and guests.   

For instance, next year's exclusive Scotland in Depth is led by Aaron Russ and in one sweep, will visit some of Scotland’s most spectacular locations.

So download this PDF to read over the weekend, or browse it online. We'll revisit some of these stories over the coming weeks, in case you miss them, and continue to send you updates on small ship cruise offers as they appear.  

Best wishes and safe travels,


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries 




Off the wind of their own wings, the Belle Miners have overcome the immense challenge of long-distance relationships to produce a stunning new album.

Their sound harkens memories of female vocal groups of the 60s (like the Supremes) but feels fresh to the ears.

With a rare talent for three- part harmonies, the band’s sunlit sound has been cultured from the love and support they receive from audiences down under, matched with exquisite production on the debut album courtesy of Baker Studios in British Columbia. “Powerful Owl” will be released on Friday 3 November 2017 via MGM Distribution. The Belle Miners will tour across Australia in January 20189.    

They will be playing shows in Sydney, south coast NSW, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth and of course, Broome



Other travel 
**EXCLUSIVE** Scotland in Depth

In case you missed our last update, this one-off unique expedition itinerary is available exclusively to you in 2018. Cabin availability is already limited, to enquire now. 

Explore Scotland’s heartland harbours, villages and islands. It’s history of ages past, whilst making your own history viewing brochs, standing stones and rings. Isles where the wildlife is in abundance. A land where the people are waiting to welcome you to their unique culture – a culture which may reflect threads of your own heritage. 

Tigers of Bandhavgarh APRIL 2018

On this outstanding tour, you'll visit two of India's premier Tiger reserves: Bandhavgarh and Kanha. Accompanied by our Wild India guide and photographer, you'll take ten jeep safaris, searching for the elusive Tiger as well as a range of other specialty animals and birds.

Raja Ampat - The Last Paradise FEBRUARY 2018

Nothing will prepare you for the experience of Raja Ampat. Because of its rich seas and unique wildlife, it’s been called the ‘Galapagos’ of Asia. Alfred Russel Wallace’s visited here as he amassed his own parallel theories of evolution that fed into Darwin’s. It deserves the reputation. It is one of the most amazing places on Earth.


Whale Swims in Tonga


Our group just landed and we're preparing a trip report for you to read next week. Suffice to say, everyone had an amazing time and the people and animals Tonga, as always, delighted everyone who came along. We're taking bookings right now for 2018 and spaces are limited, with fewer vessels available again this year and an increasing demand for the experience - why not join us and do it properly, with a safe and reliable team who can get you experiences like no-one else. 


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