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Steep Island
Edition 46, August 2017 - The Kimberley



Our regular readers will already know Tim Harvey by name, if not by reputation - some of you have had the pleasure of travelling with him already.

Tim has led a number of Wildiaries trips but is probably best known as founder of the Sea Turtle Foundation and for being one of the foremost guides in the Kimberley - he's done the trip a staggering 35 times!

Here's what Tim says about the Kimberley ...

Tim Harvey"It goes without saying the wildlife is fantastic: the usual collection of crocodiles, rock wallabies, sea turtles and hermit crabs by the million, Sea eagles, Brahminy Kites…..the list is endless. I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. I’ve done about 35 Kimberley trips and each time is as exciting as my first. I I can’t wait to get back because although I know the sites like the back of my hand, there’s always something new to see".

If you're considering a Kimberley Trip, now is the time to be looking and there is the chance you could even meet Tim. He's is about to head out again, on the last of the season's ships, so 2018 voyages will now begin to fill up fast. 

If you want more information, enquire here

This month we'd also like to show you a video with Kimberley resident Ben Scott-Virtue. Ben speaks with passion about the region. His story and how his family have mobilised the local Aboriginal community to help conserve wildlife, is extraordinary.   

We'd also like to encourage you to visit the Belle Miners online. Singer-songwriter Jaime Jackett is a resident at the world-famous Broome Bird Observatory. The Belle Miners have been given a prestigious award by the Canadian radio industry and are going to be launching their debut album and touring Australia in January.

Best wishes and safe travels,


Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries 


Toad-busting in the Kimberley 

Click to Watch

TYRHYS (pronounced ‘tyreece’) is nine years old. He speaks in a TV American accent and exudes a street-wise confidence learnt from his sixteen ‘brothers’ - his Aboriginal family who also live in the remote northwest town of Kununurra. He’s a typical plucky nine year-old, full of energy and unmatured wit and cunningly affectionate. 

Tyrhys is also a young and important associate of ‘Toadbusters’, an alliance of literally thousands of landowners and Aboriginal titleholders ... 

... read more


Best 2018 Deals and Offers 
Travel the Kimberley

Kimberley Cruises

With Kimberley trips about a year away, there are a range of great companies promoting voyages, some with earlybird discounts available now. 


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Coral Expeditions 

Have departures aboard the Coral Expeditions I and Coral Discoverer with departures from April to September:



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Ask Our Team For ADvice

Enquiries from you come through to our team who hand-pick the trips you see. After more than 20 years creating and leading expeditions all over the world, we have learned first-hand what works and what doesn’t. Our experience makes us uniquely placed to find the trip that best suits you. So why not contact us? 

  • We are as passionate about experiences as you are. 
  • Our travel insiders have a vast knowledge of experiences.
  • We know all the ships and places intimately and have the working relationships to be able to negotiate for you.
  • We help you develop end-to-end logistics and tailor tours to your specific interests ... at no extra cost. 

And finally, it's how we fund continual development of Wildiaries content, so we can continue to entertain you with stories and keep you always up to date with the latest cost-savings and offers available for your next trip.




Jaime Jackett (left) of the Belle Miners is a Kimberley resident. When she's not writing and performing music, she works at BirdLife Australia's Broome Bird Observatory. 

There is some big news soon to be announced regarding the Belle Miners. Thanks to a prestigious Canadian radio industry award, the group's debut album will be launched in Australia and they're back to tour in January. This could be the last chance to see them as Canadian and European tours are on the agenda for late 2018/2019.    

They will be playing shows in Sydney, south coast NSW, Tasmania, Melbourne, Perth and of course, Broome



Other travel 
**EXCLUSIVE** Scotland in Depth

In case you missed our last update, this one-off unique expedition itinerary is available exclusively to you in 2018. Cabin availability is already limited, to enquire now. 

Explore Scotland’s heartland harbours, villages and islands. It’s history of ages past, whilst making your own history viewing brochs, standing stones and rings. Isles where the wildlife is in abundance. A land where the people are waiting to welcome you to their unique culture – a culture which may reflect threads of your own heritage. 

Tigers of Bandhavgarh APRIL 2018

On this outstanding tour, you'll visit two of India's premier Tiger reserves: Bandhavgarh and Kanha. Accompanied by our Wild India guide and photographer, you'll take ten jeep safaris, searching for the elusive Tiger as well as a range of other specialty animals and birds.

Raja Ampat - The Last Paradise FEBRUARY 2018

Nothing will prepare you for the experience of Raja Ampat. Because of its rich seas and unique wildlife, it’s been called the ‘Galapagos’ of Asia. Alfred Russel Wallace’s visited here as he amassed his own parallel theories of evolution that fed into Darwin’s. It deserves the reputation. It is one of the most amazing places on Earth.


Whale Swims in Tonga


Our group just landed and we're preparing a trip report for you to read next week. Suffice to say, everyone had an amazing time and the people and animals Tonga, as always, delighted everyone who came along. We're taking bookings right now for 2018 and spaces are limited, with fewer vessels available again this year and an increasing demand for the experience - why not join us and do it properly, with a safe and reliable team who can get you experiences like no-one else. 


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