Introducing Wildiaries ...

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are wildly convinced that Australia’s natural assets are uncommonly beautiful. 

We also believe something happens when you take a trip outside the concrete corridors of urban life that changes you.

This is where it all starts.

          Wildiaries is about connecting people with nature.

We work with amazing people, all top experts in their field, to develop unique nature-based holidays and experiences. These are the ‘insiders on the outside’ – they know better than anyone the secrets of a vast continent.

Legendary wildlife guides, accommodation owners, tour operators and veterans of wildlife media contribute to Wildiaries for the benefit of travel and conservation.

          We are united in the belief that getting ‘out there’ is essential for renewal, for a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

We also believe that the more people are connected with nature, the better the chance we will value and conserve it for our children to enjoy.

That said, our mission is to help parents and grandparents find exciting and enjoyable ways to show children the wonders of our natural environment.

          Rock pools and riverbanks, islands, beaches, mountains and oceans are places for children. 

Which presents a question for parents: ‘Is there something unnatural and disturbing about children spending eight hours a day in front of a screen in small air-conditioned rooms?

We believe this could be THE question for our times.

          And we hope Wildiaries is part of the solution. 

What we don’t believe is that it’s a small world – it’s vast, beautiful and worth exploring with people passionate about where they live.

We love inspiring tales of trips into nature so much we created a social media platform open for anyone to share their experiences. On Wildiaries you can upload your photos, stories and videos and share them with the world.

Wildiaries is also producing a series of 45 online videos in 15 destinations featuring some of Australia’s most inspiring people, spectacular wild places and fascinating creatures. These videos are just a taste of what’s out there.

We know technology has a role to play in connecting us with nature, so we developed an app for the 1.8 million whale and dolphin watchers who flock to Australia and New Zealand waters each year. A GPS locator allows users to search for and read up about the whales and dolphins most likely to occur near the user’s location. They can also log on to read more about whale and dolphin watching adventures.

Watch out too for our upcoming e-books from wildlife guides, artists and writers inspired by nature. 

          These heartbreaking, funny, captivating tales and images from people who chose to live a life less ordinary -an outdoor life - make for great reading. 

Journalists and photographers also regularly contribute to Wildiaries – they create the ‘great stories, well told’ missing from mainstream media. We’re so fed up with excruciatingly repetitive, useless information we’ve quarantined Wildiaries. So unless Kim Kardashian gives her fortune to EarthWatch and swaps her faux-crocodile for a real one, the Kardashians will be missing from the pages of Wildiaries.   

Instead in the coming months you’ll find breaking news on species discoveries, sightings of extremely rare wildlife, profiles on colorful characters and quiet achievers, thoughtful stories on art, music, and literature inspired by nature and practical articles on where to go and how to enjoy your time out in the wild.



So please join us as we discover more about our rare creatures and wild places.