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At a Glance

The incredible far north Kimberley coastal region is home to the wunambal gaambera people, and not to be missed on your Kimberley adventure! It Is world class, pristine wilderness that you must see to believe, with incredible rock art all along the coast, and a thriving marine ecosystem like you would not believe. Fly in from Broome or Kununurra for the adventure of a lifetime. Three times larger than England and with a population of less than 40,000, the Kimberley region – spread over Australia's entire north-western corner – is one of the world's last wilderness frontiers. Here you'll find prolific wildlife, majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes and several outback stations, as well as one of Australia's greatest 4WD road trips. Despite the area's remoteness, it's also a place of great food, luxury accommodation, friendly locals and one of the most romantic beach towns on Earth. Much of the Kimberley is inaccessible by conventional transport and a guided trip with traditional owners is considered essential to explore, as it will take you to places you could otherwise never reach and provide the genuine outback experience.  


When to visit

The Kimberley is very much a seasonal destination, with much of the land closed for access before about April, due to heavy rains. During this wet season, many attractions are also closed. Peak visitation time is mid-winter from about June to August.       


During the dry season from May to October, the days are sunny and the nights are mild with temperatures ranging from 21°C - 32°C .  The wet season is from November to April and hotter (25°C - 33°C) and very humid after rains. This is also the time of year that tropical cyclones, monsoonal rains and storms occur most frequently. 

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Live Interview playlist

Watch our interview with Rosie and Rebecca talking about Aboriginal culture, tourism and community development in the Kimberley. Rosie also joined us for a webinar about travel to the region (below). It's one of the most stunning wildernesses left on Earth and as Rosie explains, there is an almost mind-boggling number of things to see and do.    


Meet our travel specialists and learn about the diversity of things you could do in the Kimberley.

Films about the people, nature and places 

A playlist of videos from our National Landscapes Nature Series, featuring the people, wildlife and places of the Kimberley.