Spit Nature Reserve

May 19, 2011

Sadly, the Spit Nature Reserve isn't immediately open to the public. Though one can arrange access by obtaining a birdwatching permit and key from Melbourne Water.

We did venture momentarily to nearby Lake Borrie and the T-Section lagoons but the waters levels were very high and because of the wet summer, waterfowl numbers are pretty low. The Spit was buzzing with birds and it was nice to spend a quality amount of time just picking through everything there.

For starters, we think there were 3 Orange-bellied Parrots when we arrived, though they headed off quickly, leaving a flock of Blue-winged Parrots. We picked up OBP again later. An article about the OBP encounter is on Bird-O.

We arrived on high tide and there were Lewin's Rails right up by the fenceline. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and there was one looking right at me! Apparently they are quite easy at the moment when the tide is down and they come out on the pools in the saltmarsh. At the end of the track just past the gate that goes into the private part of the nature reserve, the tide was down and there were seven Fairy Terns on the rocks and a Striated Fieldwren singing its heart out. A Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo put in a brief appearance on top of the boxthorn.

A lovely day out as usual. One of Melbourne's best kept secrets and only 20 minutes from the CBD. The sun was low and the light was beautiful. I could have spent many more hours here.

A healthy day of birding at the Spit Nature Reserve. It's Orange-bellied Parrot season and we figured it was worth a check to see if any of these birds were in. The Spit's in great condition. The vegetation and birds are really thriving after a wet summer.

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The Spit Nature Reserve



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Simon Mustoe

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