Platypus performance

September 2, 2011

Photos and video of a rare daylight encounter with a Platypus, one of the worlds oddest creatures.

The ripples on the water suggested an Australasian Grebe was diving, but on the surface it appeared headless. Telescope views showed the floating Platypus, diving and catching food, then bobbing up on the surface and chewing its catch. I settled in nearby, after approaching while it was diving, and captured some photos and video of this unusual daylight encounter. I was sure the Platypus could see me after I approached, although I wasn't moving. It seemed to recognise a new shape on the bank, and kept it's distance to begin with. When it did surface closer to me, it usually stayed facing me, keeping a wary eye out. We think Platypus are resident in the Dam, certainly in the surrounding waterways. This individual gave great daytime views for several days during winter. During the warmer months they are more nocturnal, and we're investigating the likelyhood of this Platypus being a female with a breeding burrow nearby.



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