Kimberley Toad Busting

Cane Toads were released in Australia in an ill-conceived eradication program for sugar cane beetle. "It only takes one toad to kill a freshwater crocodile", says Toadbusters co-founder Ben Scott-Virtue, a self-proclaimed reptile enthusiast. "the toads are amazing creatures ... my hat goes off to them for their resilience but unfortunately, the poison they contain paralyses muscles that enable animals to breath. Almost anything that eats a toad will go belly-up". Ben estimates that Toad Busters has collected and humanely euthanased over 2 million toads in eight years, providing critical data for scientists all over the world to paw over. That's not an insignificant number when you consider they move along wetland corridors and a concerted effort in some places yields a certain reduction in the number of breeding females throughout the wet season.

This film was produced with the kind assistance of Balangara Films

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