Large Nocturnal Flying Possums in Australia's Alps

These Alpine hills are home to Australia's gliding possums or 'gliders' as they are known. The largest, the Greater Glider, makes its den in ancient trees, emerging from holes after dark and clambering precariously in the outer limbs, 30m above the ground. It shares the forest with the smaller, innocuous Sugar Glider, the gregarious Yellow-bellied Glider, the tiny Feathertail Glider and other possums including Ring-tailed Possum, Brush-tailed Possum, Mountain Brushtail Possum and the rare Leadbeater's Possum. Few people get the chance to see these extraordinary animals in the wild yet they aren't hard to find, with the right equipment and a guide like Karen. We're only an hour from the city of Melbourne.


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