Managing a Million Year Old Landscape

Perched in the foothills of the southern Flinders Ranges, Arkaba's land embraces the whole of the elder range, a shelf-like mountain of scalloped, burnt orange rock that dominates the skyline. The deeply rutted hillsides, strewn with rocks and stones, slowly percolate moisture into river beds that stay dry most of the year, except for isolated billabongs. 

This is a harsh country where even the roos or (Common Wallroos or Euros) are built like body-builders, with shaggy pelts to protect them from freezing cold nights and the demeanour of a cynical old barfly that's been through more than his fair share of strife.

Like many landscapes in Australia, the beauty is one of rugged charm and it takes time to look, listen, smell and feel the Earth, to get to know the place. Arkaba used to be a working sheep station but today, it's devoted to conservation. 


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