A Journey in Sound with Andrew Skeoch

Andrew Skeoch listens to the world differently to us and appreciates sound and music from an entirely fresh perspective. 

There is a wonderful sonic diversity to be heard in the natural world - birdsong, frog choruses, seasonal insect choirs, mammal calls… but what can we learn from all these sounds around us? Nature sound virtuoso Andrew Skeoch is a bioacoustic researcher, musician and sound recordist, who's been recording wild habitats around  the world for 20 years.

"I feel that we need to listen to the natural world afresh, and hear ourselves as part of it. Perhaps then we can find more organic ways to express ourselves, and celebrate our natural place in the biosphere", he says. 

Andrew oversees people's journeys to explore how nature uses sound to communicate, survive and adapt. In the process, he shares his unique feeling for nature, plus fieldcraft, recording and listening skills. 


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