Trip Report Maumere – Alor - Maumere 7th - 18th of August

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Simon Mustoe

In keeping with tradition, Pindito likes to cruise to places where other boats are rarely seen at the same time.  While most Indonesian liveaboards are in Komodo this time of year, Pindito is sailing east from Maumere to Alor.  

With all guests onboard, we started the engines and began cruising straight away. 

We were on our way to Pulau Komba, an occasionally-active volcano about 100 miles away. The reefs here are beautiful, teeming with fish, swaying in the current.

The sand here pulses with rising bubbles covering an area from 30 meters all the way up to 5 meters.  Truly a mesmerising sight.

Next we made our way to Kawula where the divers saw two giant frogfish, two seahorses, as well as the elusive hairy shrimp!  They are never easy to find, as they can just look like a piece of small fuzz.  An eagle ray playing in the sand and a huge school of batfish dancing around us was a highlight during one of our swims.

As we made our way south, we spent the next two days visiting some known sites as well as trying some newspots for Pindito.  Never afraid to explore and following our pioneering heritage we were very successful. Beautiful untouched reefs, numerous sharks, red-tooth triggerfish, tuna and more. 

Once again we set off for our next destination…..

And then……wait, what’s that in the distance?  There she blows!!!  And then a massive tail!  We start screaming with excitement and ringing our large cow-bell (a gift from a previous client) to alert guests and crew to get on the sundeck. 

Could it be, what we all talk about and hope to see when cruising through these areas?  Will we see it again?  We all anxiously wait, binoculars and all eyes on board scanning the horizon in hopes this was not a one-off.  The minutes tick by and then ... there she blows again!  Everyone is whooping with joy and the adrenaline is flowing.  At this point we can tell it’s a huge whale, but unable to identify which kind.  

We confer with our guests – shall we try and track the whale?  Yes, we were going to try and get closer.

The whale continued to play and hide and seek for a while.  Now and again it would come up for air, and reveal its massive body, we realized we were watching one of the holy grails of marine life…..


Words can’t describe the feeling of watching something this incredible.  This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Everyone was ecstatic that we were able to witness something so rare and unexpected. For the next few hours, without a care in the world, a moment in time to cherish, we were able to see this incredible blue whale reveal itself to us.

As all good things must come to an end, and with the sun setting, it was time to say goodbye. A golden memory that we share with each other and tell to others.

Thanks again to all of our fabulous guests for being part of another wonderful trip on Pindito!

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