Where am I allowed to travel in Australia at the moment?

Where am I allowed to travel in Australia at the moment?

When will borders open?

We don't speculate or try to forecast when borders might open. We're ignoring publicity and advising against making booking arrangements until border decisions are set into state regulations. For example, Tasmania is expected to open on Monday to SA, NT, QLD and WA. NSW may follow a week later but that's not certain. Neither is the border opening between QLD and NSW. As of now, we are only making recommendations where borders are open. Our newsletters will keep you informed. 

How soon should I book? Is there any urgency? 

Yes and no. Popular destinations are filling up fast, less popular places are taking more time. A few days is not going to make much difference. If you book a 'deal' online, it is highly unlikely to be comprehensive. When you arrive, you don't know what will be open and what will be full. Many experiences that are normally walk-in are requiring pre-booking now, for health and other reasons. Remember, many places are restricted to a maximum number of people. Without some careful pre-planning you could miss out. Our advice is to get in touch and find out what's possible and give it a few days to organise something.  

How complex are the rules?

To stay on top of all the rules between states and territories, we are having to cross-reference content from about 16 web pages. Every state and territory has a different definition of a 'COVID Hotspot'. Some states define individual premises, some shires and some, entire states. The Prime Minister and Premiers have not been able to agree a standard Australia-wide definition. This means rule changes affect different states in different ways. When you travel, you have to understand the rules in two directions, not one. There are different forms and information needed for different routes and each individual operator also requires forms to be completed. We are doing our best to minimise form-fatigue and ensure you can travel with minimum fuss, knowing your administrative obligations are understood in advance. 

Do you have a travel agent?

There is no doubt that booking without a travel agent is high-risk. Many New Zealanders arrived in Australia recently to find they couldn't enter certain parts of the country and some have ended up in mandatory quarantine.

Online booking companies are offering 0% deposits. That is tantamount to taking a tentative reservation, it doesn't necessarily guarantee travel and is no different to what anyone else is doing. Without deposits, you have little or no security but when you pay them, you must be sure it is being held in trust. 

If you already use a travel agent and you read about anything you like on here, you are welcome to refer them. They can book on your behalf. If that gives you peace of mind, we will be delighted to work with your preferred agent.  

Where do we recommend travelling right now?

Make sure to check our latest email to you. We are making recommendations based on border openings and availability. For example, on the run up to Christmas, availability is already very poor for coastal NSW, Norfolk Island and Christmas and Cocos (WA only). However, there are some locations that have plenty of availability. Seasonality is also a consideration. Northern Territory is entering the wet season so sustained rainfall, 100% humidity and high temperatures will dominate for some time. Between Dec-Mar, cooler southern Australia locations are better but as borders open, popular destinations close to major cities e.g. Adelaide and Hobart, will fill up fast. There are, however, good alternatives.  

COVID Border Updates Map

This map is only a guide. It includes whole States and Territories where there are reciprocal travel arrangements i.e.  you don't have to quarantine to get back home. We have not included travel between border areas of Queensland or New South Wales or any other more fine-scale rules.. 

Note, these restrictions can change any time, so for the latest advice before travel, contact us or check the relevant state government website. 

Covid Hotspots

Here are the links to websites that outline the COVID Hotspot definition for each region (note this differs from each jurisdiction). 


Northern Territoryhttps://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/travel/quarantine/hotspots-covid-19 | https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1FrtL9mdMHjZ3YNGkh0kkVmHVgqir4qx9&ll=-32.48467424369304%2C144.401171580715&z=5 

New South Wales: Not available

Tasmania: (called 'high risk' locations): https://coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/g2g-pass/current-high-risk-locations  

Western Australia: Western Australia currently has a hard border policy for all states and territories. 


South Australia: (defines low community-transmission zones) https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/restrictions-and-responsibilities/travel-restrictions#restrictions