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Locals say a lifetime isn’t long enough to see the Daintree but your eagle-eyed wildlife guides have the skills to spot everything from forest dragons to cassowaries. They will introduce you to plants and animals that most day trip visitors never lay eyes on. Enjoy the tranquil Low Isles encircle...
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Seawalker, a unique opportunity for non-divers to commune with underwater wildlife is not to be missed. From the seafloor to the cool inland mountain forests, you’ll get to know cassowaries, platypus, rock wallabies, riflebirds, a bird of paradise and tree kangaroos ... yes, a kangaroo that lives...
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Starting in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, this remarkable trip will take you from the Great Barrier Reef to Far North Queensland and across to the Top End’s famed Kakadu. Some of the highlights include sailing with dolphins, snorkelling beside pristine coral reefs, spotlighting tree kangaroos, e...
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